Still cannot pay (your country is Not Supported)? 


Ok! You Can Pay OFFLINE via Credit Card EASILY, (Manual Activation in less than 12 hours).

[Any Additional TAX/ VAT Required by your Country of Payment will be Added to the Total Price]


Kindly, follow these simple steps carefully:

1) Create an account on our website. (This is the first step before buying a plan!)

2) On the list below, click on the plan you are interested in.

3) IMPORTANT, After choosing a plan, and being redirected to the payment page, one of the requirement is to type a billing email. Please, fill your ((Log-in Email that you used when creating an account)) as the account linked to this email will be activated. Then, complete your payment easily.

4) We will activate your email "Manually" within < 12 hours after receiving your payment.

(Kindly note that all prices are in US Dollar. The prices do NOT include any TAX/VAT required by your country).

Pick a Plan:

After completing the payment, please send us an email at ( and mention:

your log-in email to the website,

the name of the plan,

the email used to purchase, (better to be the same as your log-in email for quick activation).

the approximate date of payment.


We will activate your account in 1 to 24 hours after receiving your payment.

Note, purchasing via wire transfer or check may take 3-7 days to be confirmed. Therefore, we encourage you to use a credit card instead which is processed in a few hours.

Note that a normal debit card will mostly be declined! use a credit card only!


Before subscribing, please try the Free Chapters first by clicking HERE. If they do not load, please Do Not Subscribe! (our payment system does not support a refund)!

Pick a Plan

Pay Easily

Send us an email of your Payment

Get activated in a few hours

While paying, you will be asked to fill a billing email. Please, type your Log-in email "that you used while creating your account on our website. This is the email that we will activate. See the picture below!

(This is an image for illustration only, you can't fill in an image, to pick a plan and proceed, look above!)

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