After the great success of our website as a leader in PLAB 1 exam, we are glad to introduce: New Pricings with great discounts to help a larger number of doctors who need to pass PLAB 1 exam. At the same time, we take care as much as we can that these changes in prices do not affect our work team and passion.


1 Month:

Price before discount: 35 GBP

Price after discount: 28 GBP

Discount rate: 20%


3 Months:

Price before discount: 55 GBP

Price after discount: 44 GBP

Discount rate: 20%


5 Months:

Price before discount: 75 GBP

Price after discount: 55 GBP

Discount rate: 27%


7 Months:

Price before discount: 95 GBP

Price after discount: 66 GBP

Discount rate: 31%


9 Months:

Price before discount: 115 GBP

Price after discount: 77 GBP

Discount rate: 33%


12 Months:

Price before discount: 145 GBP

Price after discount: 99 GBP

Discount rate: 31%


Disclaimer: These prices are subject to changes at any time based on several factors related to our team and subscribers.


Note: like usual, our content will be constantly updated for online subscribers based on the most recent PLAB 1 exams and the recent UK guidelines. Stay tuned for the coming update.

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