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Stay Tuned!
• The Big Mock specific for the 8 August 2024 PLAB 1 Exam will be released a few days before the real exam date. It will contain 180 MCQs similar to the Real PLAB 1 Exam and based on the most recent real PLAB 1 Tests + Detailed answers and explanations with comparisons and colored key points.

• Once released, we will announce it on the home page and will notify all members via email.

• The Big Mock will have a separate price.

• Before each real PLAB 1 Test, we will release its specific Big Mock.

We Extremely Recommend All PLAB 1 Candidates to purchase and attempt our big mock!
First, We structure it carefully to go in line with the real exam and the most recent real PLAB 1 Tests!
In addition, the obtained score will be highly reflective to that of the real test.
Furthermore, the explanations under each MCQ are great and include lots of significant comparisons and colored key points. They alone are considered a significant material for revision!

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