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Disclaimer and Website Policy

  • Our service provides Medical Notes and Summaries accessible for Paying Members to be used for Exam-preparation purposes mainly for PLAB Part 1 Exam. Not for medical advice.

  • The content of this website is not to be used for treating patients in real-life situations. It is only made to summarise the main points for medical students/ examinees to help them study and prepare for theoretical medical exams.

  • Dear subscribers, kindly note that our content is protected by copyright law. We do not tolerate sharing it at all by any means (e.g., copying, saving, publishing, sharing online and on social media, printing, modifying, reselling). Please, be aware of this so you do not expose yourself to legal liability, ban and high compensations

  • Buying a plan with access to all chapters does NOT include the revision chapter which will be released a few days before each real exam. Each revision chapter is specific for the coming PLAB 1 exam. The revision chapter has its own separate price.

  • Fast speed (strong) internet connection and network is required as the content is quite heavy.​

  • We take no responsibility for using the information provided on this website to diagnose or treat real patients, as this website is not for medical advice. 

  • Some important Keys are repeated to make sure they are absorbed and well understood by the candidates.

  • The keys and notes provided on this website are to be used alongside other question banks to get familiar with the real questions styles. Try to do these keys and notes twice quickly before or after doing the MCQs of your convenient resource. You can also use these keys as references and notes after answering any question.

  • You can only view chapters and topics online; downloadable and printable files are not available nor allowed. 

  • The icon above (Buy Extra PDFs) includes digital books that we produce and present for customers to buy and then download. These digital books are additional. That is to say, if you are preparing for PLAB 1 Exam, you need to purchase a plan via (Plans & Pricing) icon. After that, you will be able to access (All Chapters) icon and view our constantly updated notes online only.

  • There are 2 free samples (2 chapters) to view for free before purchasing. All other chapters are similar. In addition, there are many free summaries. Thus, we DO NOT provide refunds.

  • In case you desire to upgrade your current plan or extend the duration of your current plan, you will need to purchase the required plan again after the current one ends.

  • We set our paid plans to be paid in GBP (UK Sterling Pound). We have no control over the conversion rate to other local currencies which is subject to daily changes. Plus, if your country requires VAT/TAX, this may be added to the total plan's price to be paid by you.

  • We may use cookies to distinguish you from other users of the Website. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you visit the Website and also helps us to improve our Website.

  • This website is powered by ELFARRA PORTAL license as a sole establishment for portal "online" services.


Before subscribing, please try the Free Chapters first by clicking HERE. If they do not load, please Do Not Subscribe! (As a refund is not possible)!

◙ The References and Resources Used for Creating our Content:

All materials have been reused from websites that allow reusing without copyright restrictions. We as the owner of this website have modified the materials and reused them to fit the main purpose of this website; which is short, focused and direct high-yield key points and notes without a lot of details and explanations. In addition to the following open educational resources, we have added some of our knowledge as medical professionals. The websites used are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. The content of this website and files are not for medical advice; they are only for study purposes.


The references used: (Library Publishing for Open Textbooks including medical books). (with all medical specialities included within this website).



• Personal collections and knowledge.


Basically, the main vital information is gathered from these open sources but the modifications, making summaries, reusing, reformulations and creating scenarios are done by us.

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