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We are sorry that you have encountered such an issue. The pages open and load normally on our end and with all other subscribers on different devices.

However, try these solutions as one of them shall solve the issue:

1) Completely close your internet browser, then open it and visit our website ( Then, Log-out and log-in again and try.

2) You need to wait a few seconds to a few minutes until the content loads depending on your internet speed.

3) While viewing the pages of any chapter, go down the pages slowly, one-by-one (so each page can get its time to be loaded).

4) Try to log-in to our website using a different internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, the original browser of your device e.g. safari for ios users, the original Android browser).

5) Try to connect to a stronger and faster internet network.


If these steps fail to solve the issue, we are sorry to tell you that we cannot do anything about it as All Chapters load normally with All other "hundreds" of subscribers.

As stated on our (policy page) and (plans and pricing page), a refund is unfortunately not possible as our payment gateway does not support a refund.


We stated that ( Before subscribing, please try the Free Chapters first. If they do not load, please do not subscribe as our payment system does not support a refund).

Kind Regards,

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