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Must Read Before Buying the Revision Chapter!

• This Big Mock contains 180 MCQs similar to the Real PLAB 1 Exam.

We have put Great Effort into producing this Mock Test!

Based on The Most Recent Recalls + The Most Recently Asked Concepts
We don't give you the right answers and then leave you confused!
We explain each question in detail with comparisons and photos
This practice exam is an excellent opportunity to prepare and revise in the last hours

• This Version of Big Mock is Specific ONLY for the 23rd of May 2024 PLAB 1 Test. A few days before each real exam, we will release its specific Mock Test. (Based on the new MLA Content-Map and Syllabus).


• This Mock Test is structured very carefully and accurately based on the curriculum that has been targeted in the most recent PLAB 1 Tests (The most recent 3 Tests)!

-- How to Access it?--

First, Purchase it through the (Plans & Pricing) page on our website. Then:

→ Go to (Big Mock) icon on our home page,

Go to Part 1 (The Questions),

Set a 3-hour timer!

 Solve the Mock Test,

Go to Part 2 (The Answers), which contains the valid- correct- answers + Detailed Explanations with Comparisons and Colored Key Points on each question!

Finally, Calculate your score.

Those who score ≥ 150 out of 180 will have a high chance to pass their real PLAB 1 Test. Those who score less will still always have a good chance. Happily, they will get Considerable Benefits from the experience and the explained answers and the coloured revision points under each MCQ.

Note (1): The mock test will be accessible online on our website only. No downloadable files are present. It includes two parts: Part 1 will have the MCQs. Part 2 will have the MCQs + The Answers with Detailed Explanations.

Note (2): This mock test will vanish (subside) and become inaccessible 2 days after the end of the real exam. 

Note (3): The content is copyrighted. It is highly prohibited to take photos, publish, or distribute the content anywhere. This will lead to immediate account termination and could subject you to further legal penalties.

We Extremely Recommend that All Candidates of the May 2024 PLAB 1 Exam purchase and attempt it!

First, We structured it carefully to go in line with the real exam and with the most recent real PLAB 1 Tests!

In addition, the obtained score will be highly reflective of that of the real test.

Furthermore, the explanations under each MCQ are great and include lots of significant comparisons and coloured key revision points. They alone are considered significant material for revision!

(You can Purchase Both the Revision Chapter + The Big Mock Together for a Discounted Price (See the Plans Page).

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