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Must Read
Before Buying the Revision Chapter!

We have gathered the most important + the most recently + the most frequently asked syllabus in PLAB 1 Test and designed it to be specific only for the 23rd of May 2024, PLAB 1 Exam.

A few days before each exam, we will release its specific revision chapter based on the most recent recalls and guidelines.

The notes included in this revision chapter are not organised in a topic-wise manner. This is a general revision on the entire PLAB 1 Curriculum. (Based on the new MLA Content-Map and Syllabus)

This chapter is not downloadable; it is viewable online only. It has 3 Parts.

Most of this chapter’s content is already in the regular chapters. However, here in this revision chapter are the notes that you cannot go to the exam without them + Most Recent Recalls.

This chapter will subside (disappear) right after the actual exam ends. You have to study all notes in all other chapters as this chapter alone is for revision only.

Sharing the content of this chapter by any means will lead to the immediate termination of your account with possible legal penalties.

You might not benefit much if you study this revision for a different exam date from the one that it was originally created for.

This version of the Revision Chapter includes 3 Parts.

The revision chapter is purchased separately. It does not matter whether you are a subscriber or not. You can purchase it using your current account. Kindly note that No Refunds are allowed as per our payment system.

To access it: Go to the payment page → Purchase the Revision Chapter → Go back here and click over the button below (Go To Revision Chapter).

(You can Purchase Both the Revision Chapter + The Big Mock Together for a Discounted Price (See the Plans Page).

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