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◘ What is Stay Medical?
(Stay Medical) is a Weekly Medically Refreshing Leaflet that is Produced by

The leaflet is not only for PLAB, but also for you as a DOCTOR and a Medicine Practitioner.

A new week = New Interesting Topics, Notes and Images mixed with our touch and sent to your Email!

It will be produced each Monday and its link will be sent via email to all subscribers of the Plan Called [Stay-Medical]. This Plan can be found in the (Plans & Pricing) icon on our website.

The subscription will be automatically renewed monthly. And an interesting Leaflet will be sent to you weekly!

We Pick Great, Important and Interesting Topics and Inject them with our Fascinating Touch!

The leaflet is for you to keep you medically connected with a lot of scenarios, examples, images, topics and notes for all medical and surgical sections. It is for you as a doctor or a Medical Student!

The leaflet will be viewable, searchable, downloadable and printable!

The price is small and affordable per month. It is equivalent to a meal in some areas. Is not worth it?

Once you subscribe to the (Stay Medical) plan through (Plans & Pricing), your email will be automatically saved to our database and you will receive your copy every Monday of each week.

To view a free model of the leaflet, Click Here!

 The price and the ways of delivering the leaflets are subject to changes, you will be informed a few days before doing so (if any).

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want and you won't be charged for the following month.

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