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◙ What is UK MLA - AKT Exam?

• The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) is a multiple-choice exam taken as part of the UK Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA).

• If you graduate from a UK medical school in the academic year 2024-25 or later, you must pass the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT exam) before joining the medical register.

• You will also need to pass the Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment (CPSA), which is the practical component of the MLA. 

Note: As the PLAB 1 Test and the UK MLA - AKT part (Applied Knowledge Test) share the same content map, our website,, provides the best source and notes for both exams.


We Constantly and periodically update our content, correct any previous mistakes, and add new topics, notes, examples and keys based on the most recent PLAB 1 and UKMLA - AKT exams and the most recent UK Medical Guidelines, Especially made by NICE.

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