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◙ What is PLAB Exam?

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test – known as the PLAB test – is an assessment system composed of 2 parts: PLAB 1 and PLAB 2, made by the General Medical Council of the UK for the overseas doctors (doctors outside the UK) who are qualified abroad and want to practise medicine in the UK.

PLAB 1 is a written exam made up of 180 multiple choice questions which you must answer within three hours (180 MCQs over 3 hours). Each MCQ starts with a short scenario followed by a question. You need to choose the right answer out of the five possible answers given. You can sit part 1 in a number of countries, as well as in the UK.

PLAB 2 is an objective structured clinical exam. It's made up of 16 scenarios, each lasting eight minutes and aims to reflect real-life settings including a mock consultation or an acute ward. Part 2 tests run throughout the year at the GMC clinical assessment centre.

Once you’ve passed both parts, you can apply for registration with a licence to practise medicine in the United Kingdom. Your application must be approved within two years of passing part 2 of the test. Once the GMC approves your application and you gain registration you can work as a doctor in the UK. 

Click Here to be Referred to the Official Page of PLAB by the GMC.


◙ Before sitting for the PLAB 1 Exam, you have to pass one of the following ENGLISH assessment exams:

• IELTS: With a score of at least 7.0 in each testing area and an overall score of 7.5. OR:

• OET (medicine version): At least a grade ‘B’ in each testing area (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

Click Here for More information on the English Requirements and on whether you need it or not.


◙ What is the PLAB 1 Keys website? 

• is a website made by medical professionals with great experience to help doctors and candidates to pass part 1 of the PLAB test.

• It is different from other websites in a major point; it offers notes that are written in simplified ways with a lot of mnemonics, images, coloured key points, examples and scenarios.

• The notes in PLAB 1 Keys are constantly updated, with new questions, topics and key points being added constantly and periodically to ensure the best results for the candidates. The updates are based on the most recent PLAB 1 exams and the most recent medical UK guidelines. They include recent PLAB 1 Recalls!

• The notes in Plab1Keys cover all medical and surgical sections and all topics that are being asked in the PLAB 1 Test. 

• Plab1Keys has been running since 2016 with Great Success Stories! It has a great reputation among candidates. You can view some of the testimonials written by members at the bottom of the home page.

• Plab1keys also offers a MOCK Test and a Revision Chapter that are released a few days before each real exam. These 2 sections are highly advisable and beneficial for the exam takers. They are specifically designed for the last day's revision and include the most commonly asked topics and the most recent recalls!

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